Giving business visionaries the keys to the future-tech kingdom

Totem AI makes new market-stunning AI-integrated products possible with unprecedented ease

An unfair advantage for corporations

Leverage the world’s leading CL-based AIaaS platform. Minimize time to market. Own the outcome.

AI integrations pose immense opportunity to create new revenue streams and tackle new markets—but starting from scratch places unreasonable cost and risk on individual business units.

The value-add from incorporating AI into new and core products can mean the difference between hanging on in a rapidly-changing market and creating products that change the market itself. But developing and deploying AI modules for IoT products has been as challenging as capturing new market opportunities in this rapidly evolving environment—until now.

Totem has stepped in and stepped up to create one of the first platforms to enable companies to build their own AI modules without the internal wrangling and risks of creating their own tools. Now, our visionary partners can focus on realizing and monetizing new, leading products—and leaving their competitors in the dust.

A superior approach to AI—and business

We’re here to create the future, not just play in it. And we realized that traditional, single Deep Learning systems were complex, slow—and as the final nail in the business coffin—unnecessarily inaccurate.

Simply put: the single-system design of Old AI is a terrible place to build your kingdom.

Our approach through Combinatorial Learning (CL)-based AI rectifies the challenges of individual AI systems to reach previously unreachable accuracy.

That accuracy means new value and speed. And that speed creates new demands to scale which require automation—a platform we call Totem Flow.

As the first to file Intellectual Property in the field, we see the power of Combinatorial Learning work every day for our partners as we bring new solutions to life.

Totem Flow: Our system is your solution

With Totem Flow, development and deployment is a simplified process, allowing your team of business leaders and data scientists to focus on creating the best possible solutions without any unnecessary legwork.

Built on Combinatorial Learning, Totem Flow’s unique design enables users to chain together independent systems into a flow with a simple click and deploy to a product with the press of a button.

This creates an incredibly efficient workflow—and powerful weapon to hone in on a product’s forte, quickly.

Core Solutions and Services

Combining the team at Totem Labs and the Totem Flow platform, we offer an unprecedented selection of services to bring your algorithms to life.


Real-World Machine Learning
Placing our custom version of Apache Spark out on the edge–in the real world where the data is generated–provides the necessary context and motion visibility for the next generation of Machine Learning algorithms to quickly develop connections and insights

Location and Position
A big part of the context that motion data can provide involves location (GPS) and even the position within the location via UWB powered RTLS solutions

Data Pre-Wrangling
We combine data from a range of IoT biometric sensors by aligning around precision time stamps, integrating location and position data and healing any data artifacts that arise from merging data sources and derail automated Big Data processing

Connectivity to short range IoT biometric sensors via standard wireless protocols like Bluetooth, ISM 433 and M-Band; with long range connectivity via LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi and even LTE

Metadata for your Big Data
Without an understanding of motion or context, modern Big Data systems struggle to process biometric data into meaningful information capable of generating valuable insights. Our technology captures motion and position data in real-time on the network edge, adjacent to the human generating the data—providing the critical context needed to unlock valuable insights

Visualization and Automation
Totem Spark visualization technology provides for quick and simple understanding of complex data, while providing for near and long-term historical analysis and viewing of data with the key context to focus in on what matters.

A Biometric IoT Powerhouse


Totem Flow is the sandbox for partners who need to create monetizable products out of complex streams of data—and Healthcare places hefty demands that we’re happy to meet.

In order to get actionable answers quickly and simply from a limitless variety of complex and jumbled IoT biometric sensor data, our technology is built to capture, record, collate, interpret, convert, interpolate, and analyze the data on the Edge—where it’s precisely aligned and processed to result in unable and contextualized data.

Once wrangled, we connect the biometric data with the critical contextual information derived from real-time motion and position analysis: the metadata for your unstructured Big Data. From there, the key data can be pulled from the stream, summarized and moved up to The Cloud. The emerging consensus recognizes that the software available in the cloud cannot properly function without the context necessary to make sense of unmoderated, ambiguous, effectively meaningless data delivered this way from large populations of patients at arbitrary locations.


Using patent-pending methods, the Totem Software-Defined IoT Gateway is able to use Apache Spark for Analytics in Motion, despite the constraints on memory, CPU, and power--typical challenges at the Edge. Beyond this obvious set of physical obstacles is the fact that Spark itself was not designed to be applied to situations involving moving data sources.

The software architecture of the Totem Software-Defined IoT Gateway is specially designed to harness the power of Apache Spark in an innovative manner to accommodate this additional dimension of movement. It not only allows the IoT Compiler to address problems specific to Healthcare IoT, but also makes the IoT Compiler useful in a variety of sports medicine situations and for other adjacent market applications addressed by multi-industry Totem AI partners.